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All TTP’s treating plants are located near Durban and Maputo harbors. This proximity to two of Africa’s finest and largest ports gives us a competitive advantage when supplying customers on the East and West coast of Africa, as well as further afield.


TTP ships its poles in 20 and 40 foot containers depending on the length of the pole. The maximum length that can fit in a 20 foot container is a 6m pole. The maximum length that can fit in a 40 foot container is a 12m pole. The advantage of shipping using containers is that smaller quantities can be delivered to any destination globally and cost effectively.

Break Bulk

Any shipment of poles exceeding 12m in length requires a break bulk shipment.
TTP supplies large quantities of 13, 14 and 15m poles into East Africa specifically, all supplied break bulk out of Durban and Maputo. The poles are bundled in 3’s or 5’s in order to facilitate loading.